The summer break is coming to and end here. What sort of summer did you have/are you having? … k-106.html


Hi Alan,

My summer is about to start, I’ll be going to Nepal for 4 weeks two weeks from now. A friend and I will walk up to the Mount Everest base camp.

Has anybody ever been to Nepal? Any tip will be appreciated!

How about, ‘don’t eat yellow snow’ ? 'Cause that ain’t lemon flavor… :lol:

Hi Skrej,

Oh yeah, I’ll try and avoid tasting abominable snowman tracks! Not sure if that’ll work though cause I’ll be flying with yeti airlines :smiley:

Hi Ralf

If you are interested in mountaineering you may want to see K-2. Although Everest is the highest peak, K2 is the most beautiful one! and have you heard of Nanga Parbat? itis known as the Killer Peak because those who dream of conquering it have to overcome their deepest fears, creepy right?

By the way, they are in Pakistan which is not very far from Nepal!

Salam all

Summer, in our region is about to end. Nowadays we are fasting, it is the month of Ramzan. Muslims keep fast in this month. we are also busy in preparing for EID, which is a muslim religious festival. Muslims celebrate two Eids in a year. The best thing about Eid is that we younger people get money from the elders! Hence, when the Eid ends we are considerably richer!
In this Eid, we eat all sweet things. My mom makes fabulous deserts like trifle, soufle’, rice pudding, cakes, sheer khorma etc.
The damper is that I have my final exams just a week after the Eid and I will not be able to attend my cousin’s wedding which is also at the same time :frowning:
In Pakistan, we have a huge extravaganza on our wedding! It lasts almost a week and is quite a sight to see! full of colours!


Hi Zarghuna,

I have also heard that K2 is harder to climb than Everest. And I am also a Muslim like you, when I was still a student, I get to celebrate and fast with my fellow Muslim students but now I am no longer a student all I have is myself and my faith to keep reminding me of this holy month in a non-Muslim surrounding.

And I agree that Eid is the most awaited day when I was small, also because of the reason you mentioned. Along with money, we also get new dresses and we are also allowed to wear some of my mother’s jeweleries!

And now I have started providing for myself – even though my father still pays for my Zakaat Fitrah – it is my turn to give money to my niece, nephew and the rest of my small cousins!

I have not celebrated Eid in my own country for years now and last year I celebrated it at the Malaysian embassy. But this year, I yielded to my mother’s demand and I am going back to Malaysia to celebrate it with my family. (Woohoo!)

I cannot wait. My mother told me this year my new dress will be in maroon, she said my father chose the colour for me. :smiley: How sweet! Now I just get to get a new pair of shoes to go with it! Just lovely!

Happy Ramadhan and Happy Eid!


Hi NinaZara,

You must be excited then! Ramadhan has come in summers this year and summers in our region are very hot and humid. We keep fast for 14 hours and it’s only our faith that keeps us going.

What do you do in Japan?

My dress is mustard coloured with emroidery on the neck, arms and base in different shades of maroon! Although I am 20 but in our family unless you do not have a steady job, you are considered a child and hence I enjoy a child’s previliges :smiley:

They say, Malaysia is truly Asia, is it true?


Oh, I used to study here and now I am just trying to build something for myself. :smiley:

We are nearing autumn here in Japan so it is not so hard to fast. The day is not that long and we break the fast around 5:30 pm now.

Actually around my parents, and because I am not married yet, my parents still treat me as a child, so I still get the privileges. (Actually, I am the gang leader in the small children group. Kidding!) But because I am older I get much more, money, that is.

Well, I cannot claim that we are not. :lol:


I really like people who are “self-made”. Those who only boast about what their parents get them are quite a pain in the neck. I think anyone who boasts about something for which he/she is not responsible cannot be sensible.

Malaysians, Indonesians, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Chinese and Japanese all have such similar faces. I can never tell whether they are sleepy or awake. I cannot even tell their genders apart if they have the same hair style. Believe me! No offense meant. You must find us Pakistanis and Indians alike!