bottle-making process vs making-bottle process

Could you tell me why it is “bottle-making process” not “making-bottle process”?

The reason is that you start with the thing you are making - the bottle. Similarly something you use to cut the grass would be a ‘grass cutting machine’ = a lawn mower.


Thank you, Alan.

It is easy to understand if I read that phrase from right to left (from “process” to “making bottle”). However, when we read or write the phrase, we always read or write from left to right and to me, it is not so easy and intuitive.

It would be great if anyone can tell me the name of grammar point here. I want to research more about it but don’t know the term to google it.

This is the only thing I could find: … ive-phrase

I found a few more - search for: hyphen with noun and participle

This page is good: … rticiples/

Well, thanks a lot, Luschen. I am searching and reading about them.