both -- as well as

We have correlatives such as either … or and not only … but (also). Both … and is yet another one. But I have often seen many people (even our moderators) use both … [color=red]as well as, instead of both … and. Is this acceptable ?

Hi Mr. Lawrence!

So far my knowledge it is not acceptable as per ‘Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary’.

I have no idea what say -Michele Swan and leech on their books as our respected moderators may show us some light.

Let us wait until then.


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I’ve never noticed anyone using ‘both… as well as’, but it would not be not correct in my opinion.

I imagine where it is used would be in this sort of scenario:
Both parsley and thyme as well as rosemary are added to this stock.
The correct version there would be:
Parsley, thyme and rosemary are added to this stock
As well as rosemary, parsley and thyme are added to this stock. (‘Both’ is not needed because there are three things in total.)

No, Bev. The scenario is different, though the Forum has happened to use it so. Please see it below for yourself now.

Things get a bit more difficult when a noun can be [color=red]both countable as well as uncountable such as ‘detail’. (English Course, Lesson 39)

I’ve been using Alan’s stories [color=red]both as a learner as well as a teacher of English. (English Course, Lesson 42)

Bev, I hope you are convinced.

Ah, that’s a different context to the one I was considering and it is acceptable.

The main noun is both those things, rather than there being several main nouns as I saw it.

Hi T_H_Lawrence,

Of course you can say ‘both’ together with ‘as well as’. What is the problem?