borrowing money from a friend

It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or
damage the friendship. Do you agree? Why or why not? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.

Friendship is one the relationships that a person experiences in his life. This relationship is undoubtedly based on trust and honesty. Some people may consider this inappropriate to borrow money from their friends and may think that it may harm or affect their friendship. However, I totally disagree with this statement and from my perspective it a true friend who can help you in your hard times and can play a supportive role when you are suffering from a dire situation.

Someone has rightly said a friend in need is a friend indeed. No matter what kind of situation a person is going through, you will ask for the money from only that person whom you truly trust or have faith in. You cannot just go to any person and ask for the help. There is definitely a person in the world who will always be there to help you. Asking for money from your friend has nothing to do with your friendship. For example, when I was in college and I could not buy a reference book to finish my thesis on Artificial Intelligence. I was barely able to gather money for that book and I was in a dire need to get that book. I was thinking the ways to get this book and I talked to my friend about what to do. By the end of that day, he bought that book for me. I was quite surprised but he was my friend and he knew that I was not going to anybody else to ask for money and he was the only one whose help I could not deny. After that he got a special place in my heart. It didn’t affect our friendship, rather than it became stronger. Moreover, if I had talked about my need to someone else he or she might have left me or thought that I would be asking for the money so it might affect my reputation as well. But your true friend would never let you down, rather than he would be more than happy to help you out.
Apart from the fact that in your difficult times, your best friend not only helps you and gives you money to repair the damage or whatever purpose you need that money for, but he should also be supportive. Borrowing money does not affect the friendship in a bad way. It also helps you to judge your bond of relationship as well. For example, once one of my uncle’s close friend needed money for his daughter’s wedding and he could not afford the wedding at his own expanse. So he talked to my uncle who was his close friend. My uncle not only gave him money to bear all the wedding expenses but his family was so supportive and encouraging that they took part in every ritual as their own family. Nobody knew that where they got the money from. To date my uncle’s friend owes him a lot. He not only returned the money afterward but their bond became stronger than ever before. My uncle also gained more respect from his friend’s family which is priceless.
To sum up, it is the essence or the beauty of friendship that if someone is suffering from a hard time, there is no shame to ask to your friend for help and it does not affect your relationship, rather this helps you to judge your friend who is supposed to be there for you and be supportive.

Hi Luschen would you please check this essay?

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Hi, this is an excellent essay. It sounded very natural with only a few minor errors. You have some good vocabulary and challenging but correctly used sentence structures. Please see my note about your first body paragraph though. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks Luschen for checking my essay. To finish it within time was challenging for me and for this reason I could not be able to review my mistakes that I made in my thesis statement. You got me right, I was a bit erratic in the ending of my first body paragraph, thanks for noticing that. I really appreciate that you checked my essay.