Borrowing money from a friend can sometimes harm or damage the friendship

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Topic: It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. Do you agree? Why or why not? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.

In life, friends may come to you with offers of help. They want you to lend them money to solve their problems. “Should I lend money?” that is the question that makes us all confused. You want to be a good person, helping your friends when you can, but the truth is that lending money to your friends can put you in trouble. In my opinion, it is true that borrowing money from a friend can sometimes harm or damage the friendship.

First and foremost, loans are usually indefinite. Often times when you lend money to a friend, you tend to be more open to lending it than to someone else. Both parties do not agree on the repayment period, and do not include interest on the loan. The borrower does not know when they will need to give the money to you, and conversely, you do not know exactly when they will pay it back. This confuses both sides and you will be disappointed if the other person borrows too long. On the friend’s side, this ambiguity can strain them out of fear that you are expecting them to repay the loan. On the contrary, some other people tend to be subjective to wait until you are reminded to worry about repaying the debt.

In the second place, lending money can create a gap. Lending money will make friend relationships even more awkward. Acknowledge that we all feel uncomfortable dealing with or with someone who is borrowing our money, and when others know about the loan, the atmosphere is also uncomfortable. If you accidentally mention that loan, the borrower will not like it because letting others know that you owe money, the rest will be curious and questioned.

To sum up, I support the statement that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. You love your friends so much that you sometimes try to please them. However, you can easily find clever ways to say no without disrupting the relationship. Before lending money to a friend, openly and honestly discuss the potential problems with the loan. In most cases, being sincere and straightforward can help you with money problems while still keeping your friendships afloat.


I think we need to take a new approach to assigning a value on both tangible as well as intangible things. Every person should be en tilted to enough financial resources for them to cover their basic needs so borrowing money and running up debts will be a thing of the past.


Indeed, it is. However, I never lend money to friends, because it could destroy your friendship. Yet, I gave a friend, who isn’t as fortunate as I am financially, food and something to drink. You see, he gets a weekly allowance from welfare and had spent it all at once. So, he called me and asked if I still had something to eat. I think starvation is one of the worst things in life, but I would never have lent him any money. Later on we worked out a plan on how best to spend his money properly. It works and he doesn’t get into trouble any more.


Thank you for such a well-written text. I also support the idea that borrowing money can harm a friendship, so I prefer other types of help or borrow money only in critical situations.


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