Books? Tips and tricks?

I’m new here, I going to take TOEFL IBT next year during spring, now I would like to improve my english skills that are quite low. Next weeks I will be free from school, so I will have a lot of time. I need a book to study the TOEFL for the next three months then I will take private lessons. So what do you suggest me? On Agust I will be in England, so I could practice all that I’ve learned before about Toefl.
I was thinking to buy Toefl official guide, but I don’t know if there are better books.


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Hi Edo,
You are welcome to this forum. Below is a link with a list of TOEFL books. … _toefl_ibt

You can equally download the TOEFL TIPS book to guide you on the structure of the individual sections of the test. It is available at the ETS website for free.

Thanks, Do you know where could I take the test online? I want to see how much I must improve my english.

Online pratice tests are available at:

Hope this helps.

Peter, you are a reference library of information. What an asset you are to this thread.
Many thanks for your input.


Thank you Kitos.
I simply try to help others while I learn my dear kitos.