Books for GRE General Test

Hello Everyone…

I’m preparing for GRE general test by myself. Please advice me the best book that will help me to prepare for this exam.

Thanks, Smarty.

Migs…Thanks for the info. The link is useful.

The most prominent books are Barron’s, Kaplan, and Nova. However, for the analytical section, Barron’s is very weak and does not have even a complete essay. The most important factor for succeeding in GRE is having sufficient time, since there are as many resources as you want out there.

Saeedsh…Thanks for the info. I’m planning to give gre test in the 1st week of Nov…so please guide to prepare well in a short duration of time.

As you have only one month left, for the verbal section you should read the list of the high-frequency words in Barron’s. For the analytical, you can read Nova and some of the sample essays in Kaplan. For the quantitative section, it depends on the level of your math, but make sure to read the BigBook tests.



I’m preparing vocabulary from Barron’s but I find it difficult to remember the words and their meaning. Please give me some tips to over come this.

I also believe that the best proven way for memorizing these complex, useless words! is using flash cards. However, it’s a time-consuming procedure and depends on the number of words you’re gonna memorize. Furthermore, remember not to memorize the words according to the sequence they appear on Barron’s list, since it’s very hard to memorize words that are mechanically similar, all at the same time. You should make random sequences.

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Thanks …can I use the same for my T mobile ?

Barron’s word list is very important. As mentioned above, flashcards are a great way to get through the word list. Try the following approach:

Go through the various lists and categorize each word into: definitely know (1), somewhat know (2), and no idea (3). Only make flashcards for (2) and (3). Make sure you learn all the high-frequency words, they are denoted with black boxes in the word list. After that, since you don’t have much time, focus on group 2 because you are more likely to retain them.

Also, try to practice on a computer as much as possible. In the GRE, you are severely penalized for leaving questions blank, so timing is critical. I’ve created a study tool at to help students practice on a computer. You’re welcome to try the basic account for free and decide if it will help you. We have over 800 practice questions.


Saeed , I need your guidance for preparing GRE. I have almost completed memorizing the Barron’s word list ( but sometimes forget the meaning of the words) and looking for good/easy way for remembering analogy as I can’t get the relationship of the words. For antonyms, how do I remember the commonly asked questions.
Any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance…Smarty.

Smarty, I suggest you to have a look at Kaplan, too. It has several good strategies for the verbal section. In my opinion, Barron’s is overrated, and does not provide any useful tactics for the test.

Thanks Saeed…shall do that. BTW did you take GRE test recently and what is your score?