BMW 307i and the Audi A8 3.2 are pitted against the Mercedes S350...

Hello honorable Mr. Torsten and all honorable people

Please write to me this movie , only the first 3 minutes :

and I am sorry for disturbing

Thank you.

Maybe we can do this as team effort with everyone writing just one sentence. Here is mine:

Once again we’re testing the crown jewels of German automotive engineering. The BMW 307i and the Audi A8 3.2 are pitted against the Mercedes S350.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Shouldn’t Mr. Cobb be here by now?[YSaerTTEW443543]


And this is mine:

PS I want one!



I find this task rather interesting. I am not sure about high-lighted words but let me try to make my contribution:

If I am right about “competent to the counts”, Alan, tell me please what that means.



Hi Yuri,

What he says, as I understand it, is ‘competent through the cones’. This means it is able to drive well through (between) the cones (pylons) shown in the picture.


Thank you Alan,

Not being a native speaker, I couldn’t understand that place properly. The next sentence was very difficult too. Would you mind to write it down for Mohammadata? And I think I will be able to write the couple of following sentences.

Are you feeding your birds?

Best wishes on Cristmas.


TK is a BMW man all the way! :slight_smile:


The 7 series is not quite as fleet-footed but it’s still very competent through the cones. Of the three cars this one represents the compromise between sportiness and comfort. The S350 is tops is tops in terms of comfort.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: You’ll turn off the lights when you leave, won’t you?[YSaerTTEW443543]

To this day, my wife has not forgiven me for selling her beautiful BMW 535i. It was black with light grey leather.

I sold it and bought her a Chrysler!

Hi Tom,

My first car was a Moskvich. I bought it when it was 15 years old and I liked it very much. My wife and me still remember it with warm feelings.

Best regards.


Hi Torsten,

Thank you for your help. Let me try to continue:

I don’t know the missed word. I hear something like “oak -test”:slight_smile:



The missing word is ‘Elk Test’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: Has everyone decided what they’d like for their main dish?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,

So useful and interesting exercise you offered! I like it very much and I wonder why nobody else takes part in solving this task. I am risking to become a little bit notorious but I like solving such ‘puzzles’.

You are right, Torsten - ‘Elk Test’ and I can hear it distinctly now.

Here are the following sentences:

Best wishes on Cristmas holidays.


Hi Torsten & Yuri,

Let’s me give it a try for the subsequent sentence even if I don’t feel very self-confident:

I can hardly identify the above 2 missing words. Please help ! Thanks.

Merry Xmas too all of you !


Hi Huong, hi the bravest girl in the world!

I think that your sentence should look Like this:

Never give up dear girl! We are waiting for your contribution. I believe we’ll soon say, “We’ve done it!”

Its my turn:

I am not sure about the first letter of the last word

Hi Yuri,

This is a really difficult task for me since listening is my worst skill ! The reporter speaks so fast and, on the other hand, I know quite nothing about the world of automobile & its innovation. This is the reason why I repeat several times but still unable to catch some words…You are great at listening, I’m too far from you, master !
Here you are another my (incomplete) contribution:


When I read your correction and listen again, I feel like an idiot to realize how clear and obvious it is.

Awaiting yours, thanks !


Hi Huong,

I think you are overestimating my listening skills. I listened and re-listened to the recording numerous times but still I couldn’t catch some words.

In my opinion you’ve heard your text almost perfectly. The missing words are “was recently given a facelift” and there should be a word-combination “pleasantly elegant” instead of “preservely elegant”. And “that’s making it”. And “intact”.
Well done, Huong!

The following sentences:

Maybe you’ll here that place better.

Good luck.


Hi Yuri,

Thank you very much for your corrections. I know I’m a disaster as usual !
I guess your missing word is “tank” but also not sure about the word after “on”…it seems to be “mook” but I confess I don’t understand anything about these technical terms !
The next should be :

Again I’m not sure about the highlighted words. Please check and correct me, thanks !

Anybody else wants to come and share this experience with us ?


Hi Huong,

I think that’s OK with your last sentences. I’ll add today only a couple of sentences to keep our job going. I’m a little bit tired after my trip to Irkutsk. I’ve taken my daughter home from there. Her name is Marina and she sends you a great ‘hello’.

My sentences:

Take care.