blunder vs mess-up


Could you please explain if there is any difference between ‘a blunder’ and ‘a mess-up’ in the following examples:

McDonald’s made a classic sales promotion blunder with its heavily advertised 25th anniversary offer.
A mess-up in production meant there were 800,000 bottle tops which had the winning number and Pepsi paid out more than five times its budget before it stopped paying out prize money.

Are these words just synonyms and their usage makes the text more interesting to read?

Thank you in advance.

They are synonymous. It’s the author’s choice which to use.

Yes, that second sentence sure is more interesting to read…

Yes synonyms, but I would say that “blunder” is more formal and correct, while “mess-up” is slang. I would not use “mess-up” in written communication, only when speaking.

“Blunder” is good for the first sentence. Other options are as follows. “McDonald’s made a mistake/error…”

The second sentence could be “A problem/error/blunder/oversight in production meant…” I would rewrite the sentence as “A blunder in production lead to 800,000 bottle tops with the winning number and Pepsi paying out more than five times its budget before it stopped prize payouts.”

Hope that helps.