'Blue-eyed liar': is there an English equivalent?


In my first language, Russian, there is an idiom ‘to tell a lie with blue eye(s)’ (= as a child, sincerely :))

I’d like to know an English equivalent (if any) – a verb (to tell a lie this way) and a noun (a person who easily and normally does that. The word for a ‘blue-eyed liar’, I mean.)

Morning Tamara,

Can’t honestly think of an alternative expression but I can suggest how we describe someone who could be lying but has an innocent expression on their face at the same time - looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth.

Any good?


Thanks, Alan. Funny idiom, indeed.

By the way, one of my dictionary gave me snowshoe as a possible – slang! – word that seems to be close to what I want.

Has anybody heard it being used in such a way?

Just to add the correspondent link for those who can read in Russian: snowshoe (slang)

Hi Tamara,

Sorry, snowshoe is Greek to me.


Hi Tamara

I’ve never heard ‘snowshoe’ used that way either.

You can say ‘to snow somebody’ however. That would involve a lot of insincere talk and flattery.


Thank you.