'Black tea' vs 'China tea'


Could you please tell me the difference between

‘Black tea’ and ‘China tea’


As you probably know, black tea doesn’t necessarily come only from China – India and Sri Lanka, for example, produce wonderful black teas, too. Now, I associate green (or white) teas with China, though these varieties are grown in other countries as well.

By the way, here’s some bad news for us milk tea drinkers (not to be confused with ‘teatotallers’):

news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070109/od … teaoffbeat

Hi Conchita,you’re right, that many Aisa countries also produce black tea. But my question is why people call it “black tea” as it tinctures nearly maroon or taupe but not black…And i’m interestd in drinking green teas rather than black’s. I’d like also put some white chrysanthemum or chinese liquorice into my cup…Wow, smells wonderful…

Hi Tom,

I’d like point out that China tea includes various sorts, let us take green teas as example:
there are Longjing (it produced from Zhejiang province,hehe… ) and Maofeng,Biluochun, Tie kwan-yin,Taiji Cuiluo etc… We just named them according to theirs own producing area… and i don’t know black teas well, because i don’t like black’s…hehe…