Black Coffee against depression?

Hi, whenever I feel a bit down I listen this song by a Russian rock bank called Черний Кофе (Black Coffee): Waiting for the dawn

The song was recorded in 1987 and I still love it!


TOEIC listening, talks: A baseball player talks about his career prospects[YSaerTTEW443543]

In my experience the Black Coffee is very effective in removing headaches…

I’d jump out of the 10-storey-window if I had a depression.

On your way down there you could pretend yourself like a free bird as well.

Why bother to pay 2 bucks for a depression, and see the coffee girl’s grin smile.
And you’ll get more depression. lol.

Think always to be cost-effective.

Still feeling depressed?

See a window in front of you? Don’t think twice. Just jump out of it.

Have fun.

My meaning is Live and Let Live.

Love, hate, smile, cry. Just don’t get depressed. Depression is only for the Losers.

Everyone is going to their own destination, a saint or a sinner.

Be yourself and have fun.

Oh, I’d run a coffee shop with ten beautiful coffee girls if I get depressed. I’d drink juice instead.

Second thoughts always count. lol.

Have fun.

You’d need a lot of juice, then. :wink:


Literally, Yes. lol.