Between Faith, Destiny, Fate and also Luck and Fortune

Hi there,
I am here quite often but let me ask you Native speakers some questions

  1. Between Faith, Destiny and Fate
    Can you explain how to build up sentences with these words? Are they different?

2 And also Luck and Fortune, please give me the meanings and sample sentences as well.

Fate (UN) = Destiny (UN)
EX: I wanted to go to India in June, but fate/destiny decided otherwise.
Fate/Destiny drew us together.

Faith (UN) (in sb/sth)
Ex: I’ve lost faith in that fellow. :lol:
I haven’t much faith in this medecine.
Faith is stronger than reason.

Ex: His luck has run out.
He has poor luck.

Luck = fortune : good things that happen to you by chance.
Ex: So far, he has had no luck/fortune with finding a job.


Wow thanks a lot for your great help.