Benvenuti! (This means in Italian: wellcome)

Hi dear everybody,
I’m here too. What could I say about myself?
Firstly my name is Tímea but my family & friends call me Timi. I’m from Hungary. I have learnt in English for many years with less- bigger pauses. I work on computer, usually write and send letters, e-mails, find information on the Net. I like going to the theatre, taking photos about flowers, clouds, nice buildings…. If I have got free time make cakes, sweets, watch sport events on Tv. I learn Italian language too because I would like to travel to Italy.
Well, it is all about me now. I’m sorry I spoke a lot.
Have a nice week and good summer!
Be cheerful,


Hi Timi,

Good to have you here!

So you’re learning Italian, too? Maybe you can help me here - have you ever heard of an Italian proverb/idiom that means as much as ‘We’re all pulling at the same rope’ or ‘We’re all sitting in the same boat’? Someone once told me ‘Noi tiriamo tutti a una fune’ is what you’d say here, but it has raised a few eyebrows (frowns) on other occasions :slight_smile:

Caro Ralf,
Come stai? Sto molto bene. Grazie per tua lettera. Sorry, but speaking in English is easier now. So:
Thanks for your letter I was glad to getting it. I will help you in Italian if you would ask me but I’m only a beginner yet. I started learning two months ago, but already know Italian letters, numbers, articles, greetings. I can introduce myself, can say who am I, how am I, where do I live, I work & learn, can say about my free time activities and know many verbs. They are many things, but I’m sure you know much more than I do. I have read a sentense by Paolo Coelho: ’The reason is not the happiness but the way, which you take to it.’ Well I will learn cheerfully, hard and enjoy the beautiful Italian language, culture & all things what it will give me.
I have heard that idiom what you wrote in your previous letter ( ’We are all sitting in the same boat.’), in my opinion there is same meaning in all languages. (This sentence isn’t right, but I hope you understand what I want to say.) For example Hungarian people say that:’ We paddle in the same boat’ or We grind in the same mill.’
It is all for today. I’m sorry for my long letter ( maybe you won’t read it).
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. You can write about anything.
Have a nice weekend,
a presto,