Belgian hospitals are reaching their maximum capacity to admit more Covid-19 patients. It's truly poignant

According to the Brussels Times, the Clinique Saint-Jacques in the Belgian capital can no longer admit more Covid-19 patients. It’s really poignant, since this will eventually be the case in all Belgian hospitals if we don’t take the new rules seriously. Although scientists and politicians had warned people not to go shopping during the past weekend, they did so on a massive scale, since the ministerial decision which stipulates what is possible and not during this second lockdown, was only published yesterday and could therefore only be implemented as of today.
Our scientists have also stated that the Belgian federal government took this decision too late, however, why do people go against the rules, sweep them under the carpet, as it were, at the cost of their own precious lives?


I might as well add the words of our Prime Minster, Alexander De Croo: ‘This is our last chance’. I believe this tells us a lot. Seeing images on the news of Covid-19 patients scares the hell out of me. I don’t think I should make any hypotheses, but now I hope we all have a good insight into what will happen if Covid-19 prevails. And I do say if not when.


Evolution is painfully slow. Although the homo sapiens is potentially capable of learning from past experiences he actually doesn’t want to use his mental capabilities to make his life easier.