Being to the left of the left and to the right of the right


Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

For now their mind-set is to double down on their old ideas—tax cuts, deregulation, and opposition to immigration for Republicans; and more social welfare, more support for teachers’ unions, more regulation, more identity politics, and more redistribution from a very slow-growing pie for Democrats. For reasons of identity and fund-raising these two parties cannot let ideas that are best paired together actually be paired together; and for legacy reasons they cannot take out that blank sheet of white paper and think wholly anew about innovating around the great accelerations. We can do better—and not by splitting the difference between the two parties we have, but by rising above both and going beyond both, until they crack up and reconstitute themselves entirely around the challenges of facing three climate changes at once, and using Mother Nature as a mentor.

If Mother Nature had a political party—let’s call it the “Making the Future Work for Everybody” party—here are some of the policies I think would be part of her platform. Mother Nature has no problem being to the left of the left and to the right of the right at the same time . Whatever should coevolve must coevolve.

Does “being to the left of the left and to the right of the right” mean using extreme/radical left and right ideas?

Thank you.


Yes, you are absolutely correct.