Dear learners

Here I present a rarely seen construction with Being.

Melissa is normally a gentle girl. I don’t understand, why she was being so rude to yell at me ---- off when I said, what’s up?

I hope you like it.

Love you.

that’s a part of being a human. Different manners in different situations. Maybe she’s having some problem or anything that moment? just understand, sometimes even you act differently as the way you used to:)

May i ask on how to start a new topic?

Dear Aalisswell,

Forum> what do you want to talk about / ( any topic )> new topic at the top left corner > go…


We use
BE+ being + Adjective
to talk about the unusual/ temporary behaviors.


Hello Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin
thank you for your answer.:slight_smile:

You are most welcome. Aalisswell.
You can call me Mr. Kyaw.
I hope you will enjoy posting some more new topics.
Have fun.
with kind regards.

Haha. Well i think it’s the first time i saw the topic you’ve started. I understand now what you mean. I thought you were just expressing your feeling about melissa, hehe now i get it! It’s an example of your sentence. How stupid i am.

You are not.
I’m writing new topics in a more attracting ways to persuade more readers.

This is just my little knowledge.

With regards.

Thank you so much. Just keep on sharing your thoughts Mr Kyaw.