Been in/to: Have you ever been to/in Tokyo before?

Should I use “IN” or “TO” in a sentence “Have you ever been to/in Tokyo before?” providing that we both are in Tokyo at that moment?

I know when talking about a place where you are no longer, you’re supposed to use “to” and if you’re still there - “in”, but I still have doubts about the previous example. Little help?

“in” would do just fine.

And is “to” fine here as well?

Hi Sajan,

I think ‘to’ is more natural when two people are both there at the same time. Using ‘in’ suggests something more enclosed than a capital city. Let me give you two sentences:

Have you ever been to London before? The two people are talking and are in London together.

Have you ever been in this theatre before. The two people talking are both inside the theatre.


Please tell me which one is correct.I am diffrent from others or I am diffrent than others.whatwill I use dirrent from or diffrent than.please clarify my doubt with examples

Thank you very much, Alan, now it’s clear.

To Nilanjan De:
As far as I know, different from is standard English and different than is nonstandard.