... because I'm waking up

Man: Hi, Frankie. Frankie! Frankie! What’s the matter? Why are
your eyes closed? Why are your eyes closed?

Woman: My eyes are closed because I’m sleeping.

Man: You’re what?

Woman: I’m sleeping. Well, I’m trying to sleep.

Man: Are you tired?

Woman: Yes, I’m tired.

Man: That’s why you are sleepy. I get it. Your eyes are open now.

Woman: Yes, my eyes are open because I’m waking up.

Man: Waking up?

Woman: Yes, falling sleep and waking up.


… because I’m waking up.
Waking up?

Is “Waking up” an adjective or a verb in these two sentences?

Thank you

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The sentence is in the present progressive tense so ‘waking up’ is the gerund of ‘to wake up’.

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Thank you so much, Torsten :rose:

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