Beat & Defeat

What is the difference between Beat and Defeat?

In what context? I think an English-English dictionary will help you here.

Hi Morteza,

Have you looked at the definition of each of those words in a good Learners’ Dictionary?

You will see that they are sometimes very different definitions, but at other times mean pretty much the same thing.


Good morning Morteza.
I think the main difference is that beat has many explanations whist defeat only has the one … to be beaten

Beat can be applied to music, the heart, the feeling of exhaustion, a term for a loser; dead-beat, the action of mixing ingredients for making a cake, a quizzical response, “Beats me!”

p.s. I KNOW you aren’t a learner. :slight_smile:

… or to beat another! :wink:

what is the way to use appropriate preposition?


‘Defeat’ has often the sense of ‘conquer’ in a military context or in a sport to be successful and win against an opponent. It can also be used in a figurative and informal sense as in: It defeats me, which means I can’t solve a problem or I don’t understand it.