Be [ ] home again

lights are on, but no one’s home:slight_smile: :lol:


Could you explain, in what cases the preposition can be omitted in the construction
be [at] home?

For example, can I omit it in the sentence: What does it feel like to be [at] home again?

Hi Tamara,

I think at home has become a little ‘old hat’ nowadays. In Victorian times Mrs Dunabunk would announce that she is having an At Home on Tuesday afternoon. This was an invitation to ladies to come and take tea with her. This has survived as an expression: to feel at home, which means you feel relaxed where you are (not always your own place). Make yourself at home means take it easy and do as you would do in your own home.

But to your point; I would say: How does it feel to be home again? Something you would ask of someone who has just come back after a long absence or having rowed round the world.


Hi Alan

Thank you for your… validation :slight_smile:



To me - they are a bit different questions (not the same meaning).
I’d even say that the second is not a question at all… or just a rhetorical question.