Hello! How is it going?

I?ve always listened it in the present continuous.
But can I use it in the past continuous form too?
I suppose so, but I?m not really sure.

1.- I AM DYING for a coke.

2.- I WAS DYING for a ray of hope.
(=Now, I am not dying for a ray of hope)

Thanks a lot!


Hi, Jesus
Generally,to be dying for sth (informal)means-to want sth very much.

You can use was dying for in your sentence.
One more example
I was dying for a glass of water :smiley:

Hi, Pamela! Thanks a lot!

Yesterday, I was thinking about my sentence,
and I came to the conclusion that maybe it?s
not completely correct. It has nothing to do
with “am dying/was dying” (=present/past continuous form)

Shouldn?t I use a verb such as ?see?in
my sentence?. Sometimes I think
I need a verb that makes my sentence
make sense ?cause I could say:
‘I was dying for a coke’ (=Coke can be touched,
seen… It?s material).
But, ‘I was dying for a ray of hope’
(= A ray of hope isn?t material) ?

Take a look!

1.- I was dying for a ray of hope

2.- I was dying to see a ray of hope.

Do you think both of them are right
and mean the same?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Jesus

You can say either one.

And, now I’m going to the fridge because I’m dying for a Coke. :lol: :wink: