banker/bank manager

Hi. Are “banker” and “bank manager” exactly the same?

A bank manager’s role is specifically to manage the bank. A banker may have other roles in addition to or in place of the general management.

Can you explain more about those other roles please?

I don’t know enough about the high-end of the banking profession to really comment in details. A ‘banker’ might be more involved with high end deals, investments, stocks and shares and hundreds of other deals and transactions.

Hi Bev and Sara,

A banker is the owner of the bank.


That’s not always the case, Mr. Francis. Despite the standard dictionary definition, a banker these days can be so much more than a bank owner or officer.

This is just nitpicking for the sake if it! Haha, I’m joking Bev. Alright, thanks for sharing that link. :wink:

Bank Manager- a person who directs the business of a local branch of a bank.
Banker- One serving as an officer or owner of a bank.

Thanks every body for your help.

Please see the link to the job description above. The job of a ‘banker’ goes far beyond that simplistic dictionary definition.