Bailing out of a bad date?

Maybe you have seen or heard of the following show that runs on MTV:

Ever wish you could bail in the middle of a bad date? Well, NEXT is the MTV show that lets you do just that. We’ll set you up on 5 dates. The minute you get annoyed, angry or just plain bored, simply kick 'em to the curb by saying “NEXT”, and start over with someone new. Don’t feel too bad for the ones you give the boot. They’ll get cash for every minute they last and the one who makes it to the end gets a chance to turn the tables. They can choose to go on a second date with you or take the money and run. So be careful what you do, because sooner or later you could be the one hearing the word “NEXT.”

Now, my question is what kind of impact does a show like this have on the way teenagers build relationships? Does this show influence the value system of teenagers or do they see it just as entertainment? In general, how important is MTV in your country when it comes to promoting values in principles for teenagers?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I think the idea is awesome.
If only I could do the same in real life - like my old date is beginning to get me down and I just say “NEXT” and a new date turns up :slight_smile:

I think MTV is a sign of the next apacolypse (sp?) , its stupid, there are no perfect people and if anything younger people need to learn patience , and I do think MTV and TV in general has a huge impact on culture and impreesionable (read stupid) young people

Hi Torsten,

TV still has a big impact on (particularly) teenager’s life, but I think even most of them can see the entertainment value in this show more than anything. But the programme surely somehow reflects an attitude.

Personally I hate it when my sisters watch half naked men and women on MTV, but if I want them to listen to me I have to act ‘cool’ and don’t nag them like a mother.

In terms of fashion (from personal experience), I think MTV has a huge impact on girls, especially when they are facing puberty.And, oh this give me headaches, and my mother too, I think.

But when I think about it, most of the time it was just about catching up with the latest music videos, dancing and having fun with my little sisters. I don’t see any harm in that and I think we need to trust them in making the choices. They may be watching MTV but they also watch Animal planet or Discovery Channel.

The way I see it, it’s about who’s having the most influence. We, the parents(or big sister) or MTV. When kids are growing up, especially when they are 3 to 6 years old, this is the period where we should spend our time with them because believe me, they will give you EVERYTHING, they will give ONLY you their attention, this is the time to influence them, so when you already have that bond, you will have the most influence on their choices, not TV. Also, advise,advise advise.

I remember when I was young, my father always covered my eyes whenever there was a kissing scene on TV. He always said, “OK, you kids cannot watch this.” And I will cover his eyes too, saying that isn’t fair for him to watch the scene alone. But that was my time, these days, we just have to deal with the situation differently. Trust me, I tried it with my little sister and she said, “Oh, puh-lease!” Ahh, kids these days, but I was like, “But you’re my baby sister…” :cry:

Now, when my father doesn’t like what we are watching, he simply stop the subscription. Plus, kids nowadays do not have time to watch TV, they always have extra activities like piano lessons, swimming lessons or tuitions.