Baddie/goodie: words just for films and cartoons?


Could you imagine using of these words ‘baddie / goodie’ for real person and not in relation to film or carton, scenario, etc.
Just a team member, to be more specific. Or just of a ‘regular’ community (group of people), like a (old) class in school.

Can the words be used like this, then:

“He/she is a baddie”. (“Is he/she the (?) baddie?”)

Hi Tamara,

Usually, at least on this island, these two words do figure in films and plays as in: Fred Smith isn’t usually cast as a baddie/the baddie, is he? She usually plays the part of a/the goodie in most of her fims.

It could be possible to transfer this idea into real life when someone likens a situation in life to that of a scene in a film/play as in: I seem to be playing the part of the baddie in this situation because everyone thinks it’s my fault. Or: I’m fed up with always having to be the goodie in life because sometimes I’d really like to do something naughty.