backing off the gas

Hi, I find the bold phrase in the text below doesn’t make any sense to me.
“The good signs keep coming. The week rolls on with a Radio 1 show from Norwich. This is being webcast and again, demand apparently crashed the server. The Norwich show is an unexpected belter. Everyone is exhausted and there’s not a little feeling that now the big Madrid launch show is done, maybe we should be backing off the gas a little.

Could someone help to decipher it for me?

Maybe we should be slowing down our activities and taking a bit of a rest.

It literally means reducing the supply of gas (= gasoline) to an engine, typically by means of a car’s accelerator pedal, so as to make the engine run more slowly.

I understand it now, thanks Dozy.

backing off the gas or backing off the gas pedal ? Thanks

If it had been incorrect don’t you think Dozy would have pointed it out?