Back to the forum: I did not pass my TOEFL test in first attempt...

Hi Kitos, I am back. I did not pass my toefl test in first attempt. I was a bit sad but I knew about the results since the day I took my test. But for one thing it was advantageous for me to take test that I got a clear idea about different sections so now I am very much focussed than before. I know how to tackle my weaknesses now, and I will try to improve myself day by day. I know without diving in the sea you can not measure the depth of the sea, similarly without practicing you can not succeed in any walk of life.

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Hi, Babo!

It’s a pity that you didn’t pass the exam. However, I know you will do better next time.

I am willing to read more from you, because I like your ideas.

Kindly regards,


Hello Babo,
don’t worry and don’t take tension. Live and learn is the rule.
Well, writing practice on this forum and listening lectures and conversations are very helpful. Also send your speakings regularly. I know you will improve very quickly. It is just a matter of understanding the test. Do not panic and you will surely do it.
My best wishes for you. Take good care of yourself.

Sorry to hear that you never made it Babo.
Stay focus and practice as much as possible.
The second trial may be better who knows !

Wish you the best in your preparation.


All The Best Babo …
Practice, and this will help you clear the exam with flying colors.