Babylon Pro vs. Clicktionary?

Which is better - Babylon Pro or Clicktionary?

  • Babylon Pro
  • Clicktionary

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Hi, can anyone please share their experiences with online (one click) dictionaries? I have found two products that look quite good - Clicktionary by Cleverlearn and Babylon Pro. What I like about Babylon Pro is that it gives you word definition in English and a translation if you like. As far as I can see, Clicktionary only translates words into other languages and does not give you explanations of definitions in English. Other than that both dictionaries seem to be pretty much the same. That’s why I would like to know what other users think. Thank you a lot.

Hi Frank, while Clicktionary and Babylon Pro might be very similiar when it comes to features and even price (I think Babylon Pro is a bit more expensive) the companies providing those products have different marketing strategies. I know this not exactly the answer to your question but it’ll give you some background information that helps you make a decision as which dictionary you should buy. As you know Clicktionary is offered by Cleverlearn, a company that provides online English training courses. Cleverlearn is using Clicktionary primarily as a marketing vehicle to introduce their main product line - the e-learning courses (TOEIC prep, MovieLearn, etc.) So when you go for Clicktionary you are always reminded about additional products you might be interested in.
Babylon Pro is offered by Babylon Ltd. and they specialize in one click translation and reference products. Their flagship is Babylon Pro and I must say it’s a very handy and useful little tool. I have been using it for years and have gotten used to it. As you pointed out Babylon Pro offers definitions of words in English and translations into other languages. It also allows you to add more glossaries many of which contain specialized vocabulary. They constantly update their data base and there is also a conversion tool. As for Clicktionary I haven’t used it yet, but when I checked their website I noticed that they actually do offer an English-English version. However, the file is almost 24 MB which means the download can take several hours if you don’t have a broadband internet connection.
Just my thoughts…