"Awhile" OR "a while"

When do we use “awhile” and when do we use “a while”? It’s a bit confusing for me. Are these phrases correct?

  1. Wait awhile.

  2. After a while…

They are correct.In first case “awhile” is adverb while in the second case " a while" is expressed by a noun.

Hi,Amy!Glad to hear you!I appreciate your professionalism a lot!

Hi chocolatee

Your two examples are correct.

In addition to what Pamela wrote, ‘awhile’ and ‘a while’ are basically interchangeable, but the word ‘awhile’ cannot be preceded by a preposition.

For example:

You can write: ‘Wait a while’ and also ‘Wait for a while’.

You cannot write: ‘Wait for awhile.’