Audio communication?

Hello everybody! What do you think, is it possible to offer audio materials too? You could read the English lessons and record them as MP3 files like you did with the correct answers of the tests. Or even better if you could offer a voice communication tool. Then we could talk with each other and improve our speaking skills. This could be a lot of fun don’t you think?

ear. trosten,

How r u? I hope you r well under the GOD fear, I’m very happy with you and miss Sue. I am improving my listening speaking power. Thanks of a lot. But please tell me where I find the Questions like the last listening exercises. Answer me these exercise is just for listen. Reply me by email.
These are answer from the “Listen to session 7, part 1”

I’m nice rose.
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I’m from Pakistan
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I’m fine thank you
Today, road are blocked that’s why I am lat.

dear trosten reply me please,

nice rose

Respected sir,

H r u? Sir I ask a question after unit 4 I have received the many emails like (Topic Reply Notification - Possessive Adjectives (Unit 4) please you tell me why my mail box full with these emails.

Reply me please.

Nice Rose