Audio books and simple speech english movies.

Hello friends.
Who knows links for audio books in english and simple speech english movies.
Please send us to emprove our english speeking skills.

I think , you should read the book first.While reading , you can write down unknown words.Then , you can downlaod audio book of the book and listen it.As a result, you will learn lots of new words and their pronouncations very well.I can suggest you Twilight by stephenie meyer.It is not hard to understand and a gripping book .You can find its audio book easily ,if you search in google.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I don’t wait till I’m done reading. What I do is, I do it concurrently. Because, like most people, I can’t read book while I’m on commute because of the dizziness I get. It’s very common. I’ll take the liberty of explaining what causes this to happen. When you are on moving vehicle, the water in your ears(Sorry I don’t know what’s the correct term), which gives you the sense of balance, reports that you are moving. As you can imagine, you eyes don’t agree to that as you are focusing on static object - book and they report the brain as if you are not moving which in turn conflict with information given by the ears. And that cause most people dizzy. As you can see, I have no better thing to do at the time. So I spend my time listening to audio book. For audio books, there is no place better than torrent sites. It’s all you can eat for FREE. Install bittorent software first and you are good to go. :mrgreen: