At this point, anything could happen...

hello guys …do me a favour …please

make the following context past tense

-> At this point, anything could happen …

Is " At that point, anything could have happened " correct ?

Yes, that’s correct.

Your spacing around punctuation is incorrect though. You should write:

Is “At that point, anything could have happened” correct?

No space after opening quotation mark, no space before closing quotation mark, no space before question mark.

Thanks … Dozy…

Are both the followings contexts the same ?

(1) I tend to do it

(2) I often do it

Can we use them interchangeably ? … Ooops interchangeably?

There is some overlap, but, generally speaking, “I often …” is more of a factual description of the frequency with which some activity occurs, while “I tend to …” makes more reference to the speaker’s natural habits and inclinations (good or bad).

By the way, I notice in your posts that you use “…” a lot. In casual writing it is not necessarily wrong to link ideas in this way, though it is more standard to use three dots ("…"). However, overuse can give the impression that you don’t know how to form proper sentences, or can’t be bothered to form proper sentences.

Thanks fOr help and useful advice, Dozy ma’am

You remind me of one of my teachers. when I was in school, she used to find faults with my homework… anyway, let’s get back to work.
Would you please, make at least five sentences like “your spacing around punctuation is incorrect”

I mean PRONOUN(your)+VERBing(spacing)+object(punctuation)+ main verb , something like that, hope you would be getting what i am trying to say ,

thanks in advance

In this instance “spacing” is a noun (meaning “use of spaces”), not a verb.

Oh, thanks again

For example?