[color=red]My friends at college
[color=indigo]My friends in college

Are both of these non phrases correct? Do they mean the same?



Hello, Navi!

  1. Both are correct. However, AmE speakers tend to say ‘in college’.
  2. Both possible, but ‘in’ more common in AmE.
  3. In British English ‘at’ would be used, although American speakers might use ‘in’. Overall, ‘at’ is more likely to be acceptable.
  4. ‘At school/college’ (BrE), ‘in school/college’ (AmE), ‘at university’.

The answers above are what our common teacher Alan Bunyan said.

 Please visit the following link:

 a) [ ... in+college](
 b) [ ... in+college](
 c) [ ... in+college](
 d) [ ... in+college]( 

 Happy Holidays to you! :-)

‘In’ is perfectly acceptable in BrE too.