at every chance.../ about as much as..

Hi eveyone,

I heard the following sentence on television:

  • My wife humiliated me every chance she got.

Shouldn’t that be: - My wife humiliated me at every chance she got. If the preposition is not correct, could you give me the correct one?

The next two ones I also heard on television:

  • I believe that about as much as I believe that you came to Denver because you heard I needed you. (‘as much’ is that a comparison? Is ‘about’ necessary here?)

  • When I’m finished with those senators in Washington, they are going to know that I had been there. (why a past perfect in the second part of the sentence?)

Thanks Alexandro

Sentence 1 -
The preposition is correct but (as you heard) can be omitted.

Sentence 2 -
‘about’ is not necessary, but is very commonly used, especially in conversation. It means ‘by approximately the same amount as’,
‘as much’ compares the first thing believed with the fact given in this sentence.

Sentence 3 -
Because he will no longer be there by the time they discover the extent of whatever he’s done.