Asthma, anyone?

Anyone here who has an asthma? I’d like to know on how you cope up with it. Mine attacks every 2 weeks and it’s really debilitating.

Hi Katherine, fortunately enough I have never had asthma but if you give us some more information about your condition we might be able to help you. So when did the ailment start? What do you do when you are having an attack? Have you consulted a doctor? Do you do any sports?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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It started when I was 11 years old. When I’m having an asthma attack I just usually take medicine and doing some puffs (in my inhaler) but it’d only normalize my breathing for about few minutes then there it goes again the wheezing part of it. I have already consulted a Doctor about it and they just give me medicines to help me with my breathing but not really cure it. I’m not the athletic type of person so I don’t do any sports. I do not exhaust myself as well. Anyway, thank you for your response.

Hi Katherine,

Have you tried starting to jog on a regular basis? You don’t need to be an athletic person to do that. Alternatively, you can start cycling or doing any other kind of sport which will help you build your stamina. Also, I suggest you consult a doctor in the US, choose a specialist who is experienced in dealing with asthma attacks. You don’t need to physically go to the US, just google around and see what resources you can find on the web.

Please let me know what you think.

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Before I only had 3-4 attacks in a year but when I started working in a call center (I’m on graveyard shift) it got worse. I rarely do exercise because I don’t have time which I think is one of the reasons why I’m always sick. Your suggestion is great I think I’d just need to do some exercise and avoid eating sweets (that triggers it). Thanks again!

Someone here has a heart of gold. I admire…

Hi Katherine, I understand that working the graveyard shift is a challenge for you but if you make some adjustments to your schedule I’m sure you will find some time to exercise. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it, just a few minutes every day. You might even do that at the call center during your breaks.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. Maybe you have some suggestions for Katherine too?


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Hello Katherine,

Do you know what triggers your asthma in the first place? Asthma often has a trigger. I’ve had a couple of bad attacks before in the past though I don’t actually have asthma. Attacks can often be triggered by allergens in our environment (or things that irritate our lungs).

Take care!

Dear Katherina! I simpathise with you very much. I know 2 people with asthma and I know how this disease is oppressive .The only thing I know about it, is that these people are under constant medical supervision.I can’t give you any wise tips because I’m simply not an expert about this matter. I wish you a quick and complete recovery. Alicja1

Hi Kathe,

If you make query about Asthma in Google search you will get lot of remedies
and which Doctor you can consult, you can learn everything about disease (Asthma)
and you will be cured from that very soon. Even if you find 100% cured you
should follow their medication as long as you have this problem.

Best wishes.


Thank you for the very informative response, guys. Too much sweets trigger it. I’m a chocolate lover and I can’t resist sometimes. I’m more of a second hand smoker as well 'cause 70% of the people around me do smoke. I’ve already searched some remedies on google and I found a lot. I guess the problem is really me. I should have a better control of myself.

Hugs and kisses,


Hello Katherine,

Some chronic illnesses are difficult to manage since we can’t avoid everything that triggers them. Like in your case, being around all those smokers. You certainly can’t completely avoid them. I have the same problem with chronic health issues and trying to find a way to manage them among everything that triggers the issues in the first place. Sometimes it’s just impossible to avoid.

I hope some of the remedies you’ve come across will help easy your symptoms!

Take care!

Precisely, Megan. It is really hard. But I’m trying my best to stay away from them when they smoke or sometimes I’ll just cover my nose with my handkerchief. However, pollution in some places is inevitable.

Hello Kath,
I heard that swimming is helpful for ‘some’ people with asthma. Did you try it out?

Hi Justin

Sadly, I don’t know how to swim. Thank you for the advice, though. :slight_smile:

No one ideas will work out for your Asthma unless you keep control of yourself.
You know very well about your problem, what cannot be done, what should be done, then why are
following the samething and making wrose of your disease.

If you want to complete relief from this problem, you can do “Yoga” Exercises.
In which you can follow simple exercises it will help you some extent.
Actually I don’t know about Ashtma. I heard about from my relations.

Kindly excuse me for my opinion/suggrstions

Our prayers for your "Speedy Recovery from Asthma "



Hello Kath,

Unfortunately I know what means asthma. My daughter became asthmatic when she was 4 year-old. Before she was allergic to every albumin.(milk, meat, eggs etc).

When the doctors cured her from albumin-allergy, her allergy graduated into asthma. Her allergic disposition graduated into an other allergy. The doctors told us that she will grow out of it. Now she is 48, and she learnt to live together with her asthma. She has always her inhaler along.

But I have to say with her asthma, she began to jog. Her asthma didn’t pass away, but she liked to jog later to run and today I can say to you that in every year she participates in City of OAKS Marathon, and she can run the whole marathon. (42 km)

When she is running she doesn’t have to use her inhaler. Of course she uses it at other times.

Take care: