Asking for help on accent reduction/training/elimination

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could advise on the most efficient methods to reduce/eliminate a foreign accent? I have a moderate Hungarian accent and my goal is to be able to speak English with a standard American accent (or to get as close as possible).

I have tried the Compton method (I took a 7-session course with a speech pathologist), I have read many books on the subject and I was an English major in college but my main problem is not the acquisition of the correct pronunciation of each word. My intonation, rhythm of speech and voice contribute to my accent and I’m aware of the fact that these can’t be fixed in a few weeks. I would like to know what I could do to improve because I am sure there is a way to significantly reduce foreign accents just like Diane Krueger or some other foreign celebrities did. I know the sooner, the better. I’m still pretty young (24) so it’s not too late yet, and I would have some time (a few months or a year) for this now. Like I said, I only have a moderate but audible accent so the toughest part of my training is ahead of me.

I would be willing to take another course with a speech coach or someone who can help me learn how to speak real native-like English. I’ve heard coaches training actors are usually very good. What is your opinion on this? If you know any speech coaches or pathologists who are actually very good at this, please name them because it’s so hard to find reviews and ratings on the work of these professionals. I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend a good coach/pathologist.

Thank you in advance.

To work on accent reduction I would recommend this one … because online course is sufficient with your time. so just go ahead success is yours…which deals also with stress and intonation in speech.