Hi everybody, merry Christmas
At this time I am going to send email letter to a person for asking her an article, but this is my first experience please help me to write it in an formal way.

Dear Xx
I am a researcher who is researching on [aaaaa]. Yesterday[?] when I was collecting information in the internet I found you have an article which is related to my major. The title of article is “ARTICLE NAME” please send it thorough my e-mail.
If it needs to be longer or any kind of amendments, please don’t hesitate to correct them.


is there anybody help me?

Dear Xx
I am a researcher who is curtrently undertaking a [course] in [degree] and as part of my studies I am researching on [aaaaa]. Yesterday[?] Recently when I was Whilst collecting information in on the Internet, I found that you have written an article which is related to my major research. The title of the article is “ARTICLE NAME”. I wondered if it would be possible for you to send me a copy of this article via please send it thorough my e-mail. I would, of course, give you due reference in my finished project/dissertation/assignment (select as necessary].
If it is not possible to send me an eletronic copy of the article, please can you suggest another means of obtaining a copy?

I look forward to hearing from you.


One other thing though…

If you have read the aticle on the Internet, why can’t you take the information from there and provide reference to the website in your references?

Th[color=red]ank [color=yellow]you Beeeesneeeeeeeeeees