as much as...

Hello there;

I wonder if can use a subject form without an “auxiliary verb” after the second as in the following sentence
I have as much money as my brothers
or without a “to be” verb
She is as much tired as I

could please let me know that what is emphatic do?

Hi Lilish,

This sentence is fine:

but this one doesn’t work:

because you can’t use ‘much’ with ‘tired’ because you can’t really have a quantity of ‘tired’. You would have to say: She is as tired as I or in conversational language: She is as tired as me.


Is “she is as tired as i am.”
is a wrong sentence?

please clear the use of “as I”,“as me” and “as I am”.


life is short and the world is wide so don’t get rest!!


This sentence is fine: “she is as tired as I am.” ‘As I (am)’ is fine. I explained above that ‘as me’ would be conversational.