"As close to heaven as it gets"

I read an advertisement of resort place, I know this place is very hilly and a dense forest…

It reads " [Resort place name]

As close to HEAVEN as it gets"

Got an idea but couldn’t figure out completely how it’s been structured and the exact meaning.

Please help

It’s hyperbole and probably double entendre. Heaven is regarded as the ultimate peace and happiness, so this is saying the resort is the closest thing to those qualities. Also, you note that it’s hilly. Heaven is often thought of as existing above Earth; the skies are also called the heavens. The hills then place you close to heaven physically.

Thanks Mordant !

What’s the usage “… as it gets” meant for and set expression being used? Could you say it in a different way to mean the same thing, less literary

Hi Aphilash,

There is a common expression that is used with the same idea as the one you have quoted - ‘It’s as good as it gets’. This refers to a situation suggesting that nothing could possibly be better. To express your quote

in another way, you could say: You couldn’t find a better place if you want perfection ( peace and beauty).


“As … as it gets” simply means the closest in degree we can come to a quality or achieving something.

I wish we could afford other travel options, but a trip to Los Angeles is as good as it gets.

What a dumb decision. This is as foolish as it gets.

It cannot get better. It cannot get more foolish.

I cannot reword the “heaven” example with EXACTLY the same meaning if I am forced to omit the metaphor. That would be difficult with any metaphor, but this comparison is to something we cannot prove exists – something we’ve defined purely by imagination. It roughly means what I said before. The resort is extremely pleasant, and it has really big hills. That’s not nearly as inviting, is it?

Alan rephrased it far better. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mordant, Thanks Alan !

Now I am better.

Finally, could we also use it to refer something in the past, like

“[something] was as good/foolish as it gets”, And…

It’s fine with the past.