articles-a or the

Is it correct to say:

A point of a diamond? or
The point of a diamond?


Both make sense.


Thanks Alan.

The is correct

Well I even don’t understand the meaning. A point of diamond? A very small diamond?


This would be: A point of a diamond.


A point of diamond.

“A point of diamond.” is very wrong. As Alan said, it should be “A point of a diamond.” Maybe you wanted to say “a tiny piece of diamond”?

I think if we want to imply a tiny diamond, we need to say A point of diamond because A point of a diamond may imply A point of some diamond we have seen or known before

Please observe “diamond” in *A point of diamond turned mass noun.

I know it is but what’s then?

Is this what you wanted to express in English?: “I know it. So what?”

Oh please dont laugh at me. I just think an a is necessary here

Never will I or anybody if you stop misleading people.

I still dont understand the difference between the two expressions. Could you tell me more carefully?

OK. *A point of diamond (alone) can never become a legitimate phrase. A difference between a phrase and a nonphrase is the difference.

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Here is the definite and indefinite articles with explanations. Please read about it and hope you will understand more on how tu use this articles. It’s very simple.

Let me know if you assimilate them.
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I hope this does not confuse the issue, but in diamond terminology, a point is a unit of measurement. One point is equal to 1/100 of a carat. If I were talking about the part of a cut diamond where it comes to a point, and I was using it figuratively, I would use the word tip.

He is as sharp as a/the tip of a diamond.

But if the context of the OP’s sentence had anything to do with diamond technology, it could very well be “a point of diamond” or “a point of a diamond”.

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