Arguments for the topic is 'first deserve then desire'

As you know, I am learning english and am not competent enough to prepare a topic. I have been given a topic for debate to prepare. the topic is ‘first deserve then desire’. I need arguments and complete text for this debate. can you please help me in this regard.


hi Drsaeed,

I wonder whether the sequence (evaluation) was correct. I mean, in order to reach somewhere or achieve something (mental- or even material goals) must be the wish to get there/that. And the intensity one stresses him-/herself in order to achieve their goals depends on the power of desire. That´s why I´d say desire comes previously. Then one need to work hard till they have deserved what they desired and finally can enjoy having achieved their goals (whatever it is).

Of course, there are goals you might desire which you never can afford and no matter what power your desire contains or how much you might have deserved it, you´ll never get there or it. :shock: a journey to the next galaxy… or an evening with Pamela Anderson…ooops, I seem to dream!!! :lol:

However, just my humble thoughts on this


Hi Michael,

You have started the debate!

Debate: From

  1. a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints: a debate in the Senate on farm price supports.
  2. a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.
  3. deliberation; consideration.

I am assuming Saeed has been given the topic, “first deserve, then desire” as a debate topic for the purpose of an exercise in using English language. His job is not to decide weather deserve should preceed desire, but to practice constructing sentences and putting them together in a way that supports his topic. The topic could be anything from “cats are better than dogs” to “driving a car is bad for your health”!


Now don’t tell me this is American English!!


grrrrr, caught me!


Thanks for taking my jibe on the chin!


Hi Expatcat,

I´m sorry, but I think I didn´t start anything. Your helpful link suggested a debate to contain affirmative and also negative points of view. I just added some negative to the subject “first deserve, then desire” arguments - according to Drsaeed´s request - in order to help him/her on the debate purpose. Others might add affirmative arguments.

Perhaps we can have a great discussion here so that our support for Drsaeed will become quite a huge help.