Argumantative essay about Cohabitation !!!

In recent years,there is an increasing at the rate of cohabitation in the society.Cohabitation by defination is two unmarried people living together.In moral values,this does not seem an appropriate situation because of there is no marriage between couples.However,cohabitation is a chance and requirement to establish strong bonds at the relationship.

First of all,cohabitation will be a trial period before marriage.We encounter with divorces in our daily lives because of couples who do not know enough about each other.They do not know other’s home life or disturbing behaviours during the relationship.These are realized when they get married and start to live together.In addition some marriage decisions are given in 2 or 3 months after they met first.At this period,having an assumption about each other is very difficult.Cauples can be aware of other’s special life and behaviours in cohabitation.They can make a step to a strong marriage with living together before marriage.

Secondly,in cohabitation there will be financial independence and no legal obligations for spouse.When the couples start to live together,they will just share rent,money of pills and basic needs of home such as shopping,cooking and cleaning.Except for these,they will continue to their daily lives like living alone.When woman want to buy new shoes,she does not need to think what her partner will say.She buys them and does not have obligation for her spouse.Couples will be independence their personal needs.At this point,cohabitation is more alluring than marriage.

Finally,it is argued that living together without marriage is against moral standarts at the society.Although there are many people who think so,I believe that moral values can not affect how people make a decision.They do not live for maral values.They live for their happiness.If we get married immediately with our partner who we fall in love without information about her/him , a divorce is inevitable.At this point,moral values do not help to save our marriage.

To sum up,cohabitation is a experiment before marriage for couples who want to get married at the end or a life style for couples who love each other without legal obligations and regulations.For most people cohabitation might seem against to moral values or lack of legal regulations.However,I firmly believe that happiness is more important than these values and legal regulations.Therefore,we should give up to integrate and affect people’s decisions.They have to live how they want.

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