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In the article, the manager recommends that the automobile manufacturing should open a new manufacturing in order to satisfy the demand for their automobile that is expected to increase dramatically. To support the recommendation, the author cites the example of airplane manufacturer, the number of available automobile and the indication of the market, and the new management system. At first glance, the point might be reasonable, but careful scrutiny reveals that it contains several unconvincing assumption and ignores the difference between the automobile manufacturing and the air plane manufacturer.

First of all, there is no evidence can prove that the consumers would buy the automobile produced by the manufactory. Although they present the desire about that they want to own the automobile, they would not take the action directed by their mind. Because more and more people choose their commodity after consideration of variety aspects, such as the price, the quality, and the after severs. So the author fails to assert that the demand for their automobiles is expected to increase and the sales of the automobile would also rise quickly.

Second, even assuming that the sales of the automobile produced by the manufacturing would improve, the author cannot blame the condition that the number of producing cannot match the date of indication on the small scale of manufacturing. For instance, perhaps, the efficiency of the automobile manufacturing is too low to satisfy the demand of the automobiles; perhaps, the technology of the automobile manufacturing is not high enough to make the automobile in the short time; perhaps, the works who can operate the machine where the automobile are made on is not enough, if there are several person who can accomplish the key process of producing a automobile quite the job, the seed of the production would become lower and lower. Without consideration the possibility, it is unfair to claim that fail to meet the demand of indication result from the small manufacturing.

Third, it is true that the small manufacturing lead to that automobile manufacturing cannot fill the demand from the market, but the author overlooks the dissimilitude between the automobile manufacturing and the airplane. As we all know that the automobile manufacturing and the airplane manufacturer are two industries who are not in common. The airplane manufacturer is face to satisfy the quality of airplane company, in the contrast, automobile is the vehicle way that is available to the common civilians, and the automobile manufacturing is going to meet the demand of most people of our society. Hence the demand of airplane company is smaller than the automobile manufacturing. Moreover, it is harder for air plane manufacturer to produce one airplane in high quality, and making automobile is easier. Without taking this possibility into account, it is too irresponsible to assume that what resulted in airplane manufacturer would bring about the same result in automobile manufacturing.

To sum up, the recommendation for that the automobile manufacturing should expand their scale to satisfy the increase indication of the market is not well support. To bolster the recommendation, the author must provide that can prove the increasing demand of automobile. To better evaluate the point, I would need more details about that opening a new manufacturer would handle the problems successfully.