Are you jealous when Young Men marry Older Ladies?

Love is one of the most interesting topics to discuss. It might be a never ending story, from Adam-Eva until the end of time, it can be something unavoidable. Life without love seems like night without stars. I just wondered, found an extremely bad comment from anyone towards the marriage of Demi Moore with young man. It was written, Demi will look like his “grand-ma” if she did not take any plastic surgery. I thought, she commented like that because of her jealousy, if possible, maybe she wanted the young man, but she realized that it’s impossible then she’s so upset and she shew her anger by commenting inappropriately. She’s really unfair, why interfering too much in another one’s privacy. Jealousy actually shows her bad personality, she doesn’t feel happy with another one’s luck or happiness…

Interesting question!
There is no harm I think in marrying old or young as long as both people are satisfied with each other. I guess media hypes up things.

Over exposure of Media? yeah…:slight_smile: Something unusual and in our mind it seems weird, but it’s real happened. Love conquers all, including the difference of age, etc.

From my opinion, that is not a big deal. In Islam, prophet Muhammad has married with a women that almost twice of his age. And from what i have read before, prophet Muhammad is the greatest man ever lived in the word.

Prophet Muhammad certainly is our “uswatun hasanah” (what I have to mention it in English?). Salmonella thanks so much for your nice comments…May Allah rewards you…ameen

May Allah reward you too, Pipiii :smiley:

Hell no! - I’m just glad its not obligatory :slight_smile:

Agreed :slight_smile:

@Salmonella: Ameen Yaa Rabbal alameen…
@Political Lurker: Good if so…:slight_smile:
@Katty: thanks…