Are you familiar with LCCI exams and certificates? (LCCI vs. TOEIC)

Good afternoon, everyone. What do you think of LCCI exams and certificates? LCCI stands for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and it seems to me that the popularity of those exams and certificates is decreasing.

I’m referring to the English language exams EFB (English for Business) offered by LCCI. I don’t have any stats to support my opinion but it seems to me that LCCI certificates are losing market share to TOEIC. The TOEIC test has quite a number of advantages over EFB LCCI and maybe in a couple of yours nobody will actually be using EFB LCCI anymore.

What are your thoughts on this development?


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Can anyone give me the quickest possible rundown of what LCCI does for students?
It’s realationship to EDI?
Are they offering classes or tests to prove competency?
Their websites are confusing even for a native english speaker…