Are you familar with the term 'white hat'?

Hello everyone. Are you familiar with the term ‘white hat’? It’s primarily used in the computer industry especially in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are a white hat, or do things ‘white hat’ you follow Google’s mantra “Don’t be evil”. Anyway, have you ever heard that expression or even started using it?

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I heard it sometimes.

“White hat” hackers are the IT guys try to protect the IT systems and against with “black hat” hackers.

I have never heard it before. Please explain it once again.

Sir, I would like to know what are the rules to be followed while using the preposition ‘for’.

Can any sentence start vth ‘for’?

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Yes, a sentence may begin with “for”. If there is a specific type of sentence you are thinking of, please start a new topic and explain your question there.

Is this sentence right?"medical check up record for the year 2009-10

It is not a sentence, Nidichinametla, but the phrase is OK like this:

medical check-up record for the year 2009-10

I remember talking and hearing about the good guys in white hats at least 40 years ago, Torsten. It’s an old idea that has simply been adopted by a new industry. It used to be connected to cowboy movies. You could identify the good guys because they always wore white cowboy hats, whereas the bad guys always wore black cowboy hats.

In addition, Dodge (automobile) used to use an advertising slogan back in the 60s that went like this:
You can tell they’re good guys – they all wear white hats. … arger9.htm

Of course, these older usages may be fairly restricted to AmE. :wink:
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Dear sir, Thank you for your reply and for rectifying my mistake.Its a phrase and not a sentence.