Are you aware of "PR"?

Are you a ‘PR conscious person’? No, I’m not talking about public relations, what I have in mind is Larry Page’s pagerank or in other words, the ranking system that Google uses to list their websites. I’ve noticed that the first thing I check when I open a new website or web page is its pagerank. Maybe this is wrong, but any website whose pagerank is lower than 4 doesn’t get much attention from me. That’s probably not the best approach because a website can have a relatively low pagerank and still be useful. It simply might be fairly new and its pagerank therefore low. Anyway, what is your take on PR?


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Alas and alack, Torsten, not only don’t I have a take on that PR thing, whatever it is, I wouldn’t even know where to look for it! :oops:

Hi Torsten

Although I’ve heard of pagerank and Larry Paige, I don’t really understand much about it and have never looked at (or even tried to find out) the pagerank of a site.

So, what’s the PR of this site? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Amy,

You can see the pagerank of any web page if you have the Google Toolbar installed. The toolbar comes with a number of handy little tools such as the Google search box which allows you to ‘google’ keywords from within any web page. As for our website, it has a couple of PageRank 5 pages (one of which is the forum index page).[YSaerTTEW443543]

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