Are you aware of our online voice recorder?

Do you know how to record voice messages on the forum?

  • No, but I’m very interested.
  • Yes and I’ll record a voice message now.
  • Yes, but I don’t have a headset or mic.
  • I have a mike but I have nothing to say.

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Out of interest it would be good to know who of you are aware of the fact that you now can also record voice messages here on the forum. So, do you know that we have this new feature here on the forum and do you know how to use it? For more information please read How to record voice messages on the forum?

By the way, if you like you can start by just saying your name and where you are from. In addition, you can also record a message in your native language first.

Please let me know what you think.
Many thanks,

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Hello Torsten,
Thanks for adding the voice capability to the forum. I will try to leave a message.
Phil Burk

I will now make a recording on a computer running Vista.

This is another test on the Macintosh.

Vista and Phillips speech mike very good.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

What do you think of this type of voice files in this website: I think it is easy to use and does not need to be opened in another window. Also it has a nicer shape.

Take care.

Hi Happy,
Please listen to this voice message. The site you posted doesn’t have a voice recorder, it only contains files you can listen to.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Note that the GUI of ListenUp can be customized. Also it can be used in without a popup window. One player can be embedded in a DIV and shared using JavaScript.

Hi Torsten,

I see the difference clearly now. I tried to record my voice yesterday but actually my mic did not work properly.
You are right I was not aware of what you said. Many thanks. :wink:

Take care

Hi Torsten, thank you for the invitation to talk and listen on the forum´s site. As for me it´s a quite good opportunity to llsten and speak in English. Unfortunately, even if I click the “Add a voice message switch” after sending a written message I can´t add any spoken message despite I can see me PC working and down-/ uploading some files. Can you please advise me where I´m mistaken?

Thanks in advance


P.S. Not even using the “record” button in my last post makes any voice message wind pop up.

Hi Michael,

Seems you like you need to download and install Java as described here: How to hear and record voice messages?


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Hi Torsten,

Well, I installed Sun Java as you recommended. But it seems like Java enables me the record opportunity the next day at first. Now I´m able to do. The next challenge is to find out how my microphon works. Look forward to beeing able to talk to you and all the others soon.



Hi Alan,

yes, I´d enjoy listening from you and talking to you, too. But before, I seem to be forced to struggle with my microphone a lot. :lol: I´ll do my very best.


I think it’s a really cool feature because now I know the sound produced by some of our forum’s VVIPs. :wink:

It would be nice if we know the sound produced by our forum’s communicators, too.:wink:

Naturally, but my surroundings is not very conducive for such activity at the moment. I’ll definitely do it some other time. :smiley:

Better late than never, Nina. :smiley:

Phil, JavaScript player?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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it’s really a very good way to improve english speaking