Are you a winner?

Would you describe yourself as a winner when it comes to learning English? It’s a fact that the vast majority of all English learners say or ask the following when they introduce themselves:

  • My English is bad.
  • How can I learn grammar?
  • Dear sir, please tell me how to learn English words.
  • Sir, I want to speak English.

For more details, please read Are you a winner? and let me know whether you belong to the small percentage of ‘winners’.


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Hi Torsten, I am here often. To answer your question, I am not surprised if I am not a winner because I know that my great problem is inconssistency for studying, following the lessons, participating on the fourm… but still wish to be a good English Speaker. ‘‘The word impossible is on the dictionary only.’’


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Lack of stickability sabotages your progress. But do not castigate yourself because I am sure you will overcome it :wink:

I don’t know wether I’m a winner or not but I know I want to improve my English. I sent many messages here and I never have any answer, maybe this time, I’ll have one. I practise English 2 hours a week at the free time university in my village, so I learn grammar, vocabulary and of course I speak. Not as much as I’d like to. That’s why, I’m very interested in the message by voice in this forum but I can’t use it. I’ve got a brand new computer, a microphone, headsets and all is needed for that but it’s impossible for use it. I don’t want to use some thing I don’t know and in which I’m not sure so what can I do do speak with you by voice?

I guess I was wrong when I send this message…my microphone was off. Shame on me!!!
sorry, let me try again

I’m Albert Khonde from The Democratic Republic of Congo ex Zaïre; I need to be a winner as long as english books and pedagogical materials are very rare in my land, but still try to speak a litle good and understandable english. So if I win this present; I’ll more blessed to extend and expand the english language from my home city to others. In fact, the winner must be me.
Look forwad to reading you soon. All the best for this xmas and happy new year.
Thanks in advance;

Albert Khonde Mbambi

hello Torsten
Well if i want to answer this question it would be not, because i’m trying to do my best to be a winner, by practising english grammar, vocabular, writing, speaking, reading,
just to impouve my skills in english…
I’d like to be the winner…:slight_smile:
Best Regards

The fact that you are trying to be a winner is in itself a win.

hello every body . I’m kinda . I guess I’m a little winner cause I’m always improving my english and I guess it’s each time more better than the last time .
But it’s not enough , I want to be more and more better and winner , I hope so .

It seems to me that it’s not modest to think about yourself something like - winner ( I mean to boast). I try to be optimistic whenever I make mistake. As without practice and without mistakes you can’t make any progress in learning English.

I am often take part in answer questions, through emails that I am normaly getting from you.
I would like to learn more and more English to read, speak and write. Because my field of work is language and I am serving as Chief of English Dari and Pasho Language Officers in the office. I do belive that you professional can help me in any prespective and that would be really valuable for me and for me team to learn more and more English.
I do appreciate your team efforts and due concern.
:slight_smile: [color=red]Atal
kabul, Afghanistan

Hi! I am sohel, 38 years old, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been trying to learn english since long. I have already achieved some success but I want more. In this process this site has been helping me a lot and I am grateful for that. I love to read but I dont like cramming grammer! so many rules and so many exceptions! Anyway, I convey my New Year greeting to everyone. Bye

Dear Torsten,
Unfortunately , I can state that I belong to the students who are in control of their English results. As is red in the lesson “Are you a winner?” I seldom say that I am not good at learning English. I am not consistent in learning English. I have periods of time when I work hardly, but some periods of time when I stop to improve my English. I seldom come back very late and tired from my office and I have time to do my exercises and lessons. Further, the TV set is in my room and my mother, I am living with, is sitting in her armchair and watching TV and disturbs me on my learning. Though I have some reasons not to be a winner, I have to insist and improve my English.
Ps. Please, correct the greatest mistakes of the text above

Hi Torsten

I want to improve my English & i want to be a winner. I know it’s not easy but i am trying.


Hello Torsten.

Everybody else want to be a winner, nobody can be happy to be called a loser. We have seen people even starting violence after losing a game.

As for me I want to be a winner for life.


Hello everybody
I am sure i am not the winner but i am sure i am getting little improvrments in understanding English.Why i am not the winner because i have no enough time to follow up exercieses and forums.
just pray for us

Hi Torsten,

I’m not sure I can be a winner.I know to be a winner,one has to focus on his or her goals and

exercise discipline and good time management.

Well, it is not easy but i shall do my best to succeed.Along the journey of success,I need

encouragement and accountability.


Some day I learnt that you are what you think you are, so I want to think that I am a winner :).
I read in a book that we should feed our brain with positive statements like these:

I am studying everyday.
My English is improving.
I will do my best.
If I need a higher score, I can try again.

Let’s see how these statements work :wink:

Hello Torsten!

I’m not a winner yet.Because first I don’t practice speaking every day. I understand most of the ideas spoken on the radio or TV but when the speaker speaks too fast so some ideas escape me. I can’t say that I’m a winner. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY stain ?for instance: whose stain upseting her.


first hello my coach & iam very glad with your contact me by this great site and i dont thinking myself as winner but i do my best to improve my english skills as much as i can because iam mechanical engineer & now iam working in oil field south libya & every day i meet peopel from diffrent nationality and ther is no proplem to talk with them by english language … every day i make daily report for jop activity … most people thier agree with me that english language only way to collect them togeather change idea & conversation
so thank you my dear for your job & your staff best of luck najuib