Are you a creative person?

Most people seem to deprive themselves from creativity. Why?Maybe because creativity implies change. Maybe because it implies a great deal of risks.How much creative you are?How to turn into our lives more interesting through creativity?Have you got any tip?I’m waiting for your answer!Thanks! :smiley:

My advice is this:

If you don’t do it already, start singing in the shower. It’s best if you just do “la-de-da” for creativity, as you won’t know where the tune will end up – you will be forced to create your own tune.

(and if you start humming someone else’s song, make sure you stop yourself… unless it’s a country song, in which case you can feel free to copy others’ melodies and chord progressions)

If you sing known songs, you won’t be creating anything.

But anyway, in your shower you’re likely to benefit from the following:

  1. Nobody around to mock your musical playfulness
  2. Generally good acoustics (I have no trouble hearing myself in the shower)
  3. The warm water may help keep vocal chords “warm” (I actually have no idea if that’s actually true… but it might be. hehe)